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Cure for Isolation – We Must Find it Ourselves

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imageAlways on the lookout for help for myself and others, I subscribe to a lot of blogs and today one came through that struck a chord.

(Perhaps the whole thing needn’t be read, as it’s directed to clinicians, but here it is:

The point, for me, is that we DID/Multiple/PTSD folks are terribly isolated, and we need to work hard to change that fact.

While I’ve learned how to act somewhat “normal” when I choose to go out and socialize, that doesn’t make me feel less isolated.  Sometimes I feel more isolated afterward, because all the nice “connections” were with people connecting with the false front I construct.

Very few people know the struggles of my everyday life, probably because I’m “high-functioning.”  Well, if I am, then I ought to use my gifts to organize for others what we all need.

th-1.jpgWhat we need are support groups.  These are, of course, not a new idea at all, but there are very few for people with DID and PTSD – who aren’t veterans.

So I’m setting an intention right now to create a support group in my local community.  If you live local to me, please let me know if you’re interested.  Your interest will help me keep the intention alive, and we’ll get going asap.

If you live elsewhere, perhaps you can start a group or ask a therapist to help you get one started or to start one for you.

Time to reclaim as much power as we can.

Strength, love, and blessings to us all.


PS  Legally, any group can get together for support without a counselor, though a counselor can be highly useful.  I’m not a certified clinician in New Mexico, but I am a minister which gives me counseling rights, and I may renew my Transpersonal Hypnotherapy certificate to double my legal credentials for convening a group.  Having been in a sexual abuse support group 20 years ago, and different sorts of therapy off-and-on for much of my life, I’ve discovered I have a lot to offer friends in healing crises – as do we all, I suspect – at least a compassionate heart.  Not to over-imagine our capabilities, of course, but as humans with heart, we do have a lot to offer each other.

Perhaps someone might want to weigh in on some of the legal concerns?  (I’m well aware that as a minister and certified hypnotherapist, I have more responsibilities than others, which I won’t bog down this blog with, and which I will review carefully before beginning – but comments along this line, even warnings, are welcome.)

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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