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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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Healing during a Pandemic

I’m not convinced this pandemic is actually caused by a virus.  This NYC doctor relates information that questions the assertion by governments all over the world:

And my personal experience as a mind control subject and now a targeted individual suggests that governments lie to manipulate and control, and look at us:  isolated in our homes – most of us.

Not me.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 9.05.40 PM

I’m sitting in Nature as often as I can, a nomad now, traveling from low desert in the winter to high mountains in the summer – all within Arizona!  (I think my total mileage this year will be less than 5,000 miles.)  I’m visiting a FEW friends who also doubt The Story, missing many other friends, missing visiting even family.

I have Morgellon’s Disease now – which worries me a bit more than this prescribed panic/pandemic.  Even though I almost never visit doctors, this year I’ve been prompted to visit quite a few in search of a blood test – and NONE want to help me!

Morgellon’s Disease seems to be Lyme Disease with complications – or nano tech, we assume, added by the scientists involved in biowarfare.  I have photos of all sorts of strange items I’ve found growing out of my skin on my YouTube channel, ParadigmSalonVideo;; and Facebook page, MK & TI Awareness and Support.

Of course, I don’t want to take any pharmaceuticals for this – but NONE has been offered to me.  And all my attempts to get a blood test for the spirochetes that are at the center of the disease – spirochetes related to syphilis and called “extremely stubborn.”  They continue to spread all over my body.

I was treating this externally first, since it presents as a skin condition, but after a month or so, I was feeling worse and developing new symptoms:  palsy in my hands, brain fog, and worsening heart issues, so I backed off.  Soon I read that the disease can be forced to go internally and affect the heart, nervous system, and brain, so I quit all external applications and turned to internal anti-microbials:  garlic, ginger, vinegar, Vitamin C, etc., and I quit all sugar.  No maple syrup in coffee.  No wine at night.  No chocolate (except for tiny “cheats”).  All my food is fresh and local or organic, prepared by me.

I have no idea whether I’ll heal myself.  After all, this disease is “stubborn,” and doctors are busy with other things now, and I don’t trust them anyway.  And if I did cure this, or find a way to successfully keep it in check, I’m still a mind control subject, which I don’t believe I’ll ever heal, and this is a really shitty thing to live with.

So I’m just biding my time here on planet Earth, waiting for my spiritual Helpers to give me guidance, which lately has been:  Just observe.  And so I am.

I’ve told everyone I know:  Do not take me to a doctor or hospital under any circumstances.  If I die of this, so be it.   I’ve had a good life, sort of.

I’m going on 68 this summer.  I’ve accomplished things that have helped others.  I’m content.


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Healing Crisis, Resolution, New Crisis

Hi Everybody,

I’ve been neglectful of this site, but I’ve been attending very carefully to my healing.

truck crash croppedThis past year and a half, I’ve been healing from a highway crash that left me with a whiplash, concussion, totaled car, totaled trailer home, and all my possessions thrown in chaos into storage.

I believe I have excellent evidence that my crash was remote controlled, as I’ve video-blogged about here (a nighttime ramble).

Eleven months after the crash, I felt the last (so far) of a series of interesting events when old disrupted connections were remade and I felt some important parts of my brain “click on” again.  Since then, I’ve felt pretty much myself, though I do still notice changes:  it’s more difficult and less enjoyable now to read, for instance.  And I don’t feel quite as mentally “fast” as I used to be.  Oh well.  Speed isn’t everything.

The biggest goal of my past 12 months was to sleep as much as I could, to which end, I made it a habit to turn off all screens and say good-bye to friends by 6 pm, so that I could begin to calm my mind for sleep.  I might take a shower or groom my feet with warm water – any sort of relaxing, nurturing activity.  I keep the lights off except for a “Huglight” I wear around my neck.  This cues my brain that’s is getting near time to sleep.  On good days, I easy fall asleep by 8 pm.  I also use medical cannabis.

Because sleep is such an important healer, I recommend these tips to others:  No screen time after 6 pm.  Lights low, very low, after 6 pm.  Do all the nice things for yourself in the evening.  Play gentle music.  (I found an app “Relax Melodies” with a cat purr, night sounds, native flute, a river, lots more.)

When I can’t sleep, I ask myself if my spirit helpers are trying to communicate with me, and I listen.

My health has stabilized now, and I’m getting involved with activist work for mind control subjects and targeted individuals.  Recently, I traveled to Washington DC with a few colleagues, to talk to Congresspeople and their aids, asking Congress to investigate the Targeted Individual program.


Midge Matthis, Richard Lighthouse, Susan Olsen, and me in the Capitol.

I am still harassed with electronic weapons multiple times a month.

Most shocking:  I discovered implants inside my ears – not the little indiscrete chips that I’d imagined, but fairly big, complex, old-looking technology – in both ear canals.  There are a few short videos before this one too.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 6.37.08 AM.png

I sound scared in this video.  That was my immediate response, but I’m better now.

I has been shocking to find this stuff in my ears –
and even more shocking to have doctors tell me “nothing’s there” –
and then to have them suggest mental health services!

I’ve been having a hard time, resisting the disabling programming, but I’m doing fairly well nevertheless.

New methods of resistance:
Remember to lie on the Earth, especially now that it’s warm outside.
Take showers (or baths), as water interferes with electronic attacks.
Use music to interfere with electronic attacks.
Look away and get away from the screen when lethargy sets in.
Dance, exercise, sing, chant, howl to ground and interfere with electronics.
Go outside for more walks, communicating with Nature, and good neighbors.

Back to the Garden for healing.

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Dealing with Derealization/Depersonalization

pablo amaringo Llullon Llaki SupaiTalking with my new therapist today, I learned the terms depersonalization and derealization – and wondered why and when I’d quit reading self-help books and never followed through with more of it – maybe for the same reason I refused to read books on spirituality for so much of my life:  I didn’t want others’ ideas to influence my perception of reality.

But I guess I became open to others’ opinions again recently, and so I’m seeing someone about my dissociation, and today began learning more of what the professionals think about it.  Funny, because last time I read the professional literature, I found myself critiquing many authors’ methodologies and presumptions, mainly the presumption that there are no forces outside our five senses or that can’t be discovered by inductive reasoning beginning with the limiting “laws” of physics, or rather a reduced, highly conservative version of the laws, excluding quantum physics for no rational, but purely political reasons – discrediting a larger sector of the population.  I had the same experience today – of critiquing professionals’ work – when I briefly read my first two web pages on depersonalization.

Depersonalization is defined by one author as “one of the many symptoms of a panic attack. …a combination of physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts which lead you to feel so disengaged from your surroundings that you wonder whether or not you’re actually in your body. People experiencing this symptom may fear that they’re actually someplace else, watching their body sleepwalk through life while they float around in some kind of spirit world.”

I relate to all of that, though I have fewer episodes of it today and have never experienced it for longer than a minute at a time.  I disagree with the author’s assumption, though, that this is not real; I believe our consciousness can really disengage from our bodies, so this is no delusion.

The author later writes, “However weird it feels, it has nothing to do with “losing control.”

I disagree again.  When, as a young radio journalist, I interviewed a state politician shortly after entering the field, my consciousness went floating up above me in my chair and said things like, “Wow, you’re interviewing [whomever].  I wonder if he can tell how totally flipping out of your gourd you are?  What did I ask?  What is he saying?  How can I ask a follow-up question when I can’t hear what he’s saying, though I see his mouth moving?  When he finishes, I won’t have the faintest idea what to say next.  Can he see my eyes wandering around the room?  Oh, God I can hardly breathe…,” and then I forced myself back into my body to try to finish the interview.  I think he saw something was wrong and carried the ball from there.  Believe me, when your consciousness chooses to leave your body, you do lose control.  Fortunately, I seem to have learned how to keep myself from entering that state in social situations.

The author concluded with decent advice:

“1. Acknowledge and accept the symptom. Remind yourself that it is a source of discomfort, but not danger.

2. Return your attention to the immediate environment, rather than your thoughts of other times and places. Don’t argue with your thoughts, just refocus your attention.

3. Become more actively engaged with the people, activities, and objects immediately around you. Get back into the conversation and activities that the others are involved in. I think you’ll find that the odd feelings lessen as you get more involved in your present surroundings.”

I’d only add a step 3 alternative:  If you don’t want to actively engage with other people right then, don’t.  Leave.  Say polite good-byes if you want, or just duck out, or something in between.  Respect yourself and your immediate needs.  When in a safe place, check in and ask what the panic was about; it’s possible there was a person there whom it would be better for you to avoid, or any other number of reasons, electromagnetic, or anything.  Honor and follow your instincts.  It may be an important part of your healing.  In fact, those who follow the shamanic way depend on sending their consciousness away – to learn things beyond this dimension.

It might not be such a bad thing, maybe our other-worldly wisdom calling us to turn our attention somewhere else.


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Video: Native People and Star Nations

star people video“In the summer of 1996, Native American tribal leaders and researchers from all over the world met for five days near a Yankton Sioux reservation.

“It was revealed in a dream that now was the time for the tribes to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of the Star People.”

rock creek houseWhen I first moved to my current small town, I’d just come out of 6 1/2 years of living as a quasi-hermit, experiencing almost daily events that matched the accounts of others who call them “shamanic” and/or “alien.”

I’d moved to the desert to be a hermit, intending to spend the remainder of my life in mystic endeavors.  I’d had NO INTENTION to have anything to do with aliens, and the word shaman wasn’t in my vocabulary.

Over the years, though, I came to realize that mysticism and shamanism share the same intentions, so when a friend used to word to explain some highly-unusual things happening to me, I privately accepted the term and all the baggage I personally felt attached to it – but privately.


“Ayahuasca Visions” by Pablo Amaringo

I also kept private, for most of my hermit years, the events that seemed “alien” in nature, even when others told me they saw UFOs, and even when I became aware of indigenous people around the world experiencing them – the Western cultural cartoons and ridiculing taboos had such a negative effect on me.

When my poorly-managed poverty lifestyle caught up with me and I was forced to sell my land, I received enough cash to move to the small town of Silver City, New Mexico, buy a house, and treat myself to a trip to the next UFO conference that might have something to do with spirituality, and I found it.  Afterwards, I was inspired to end my silence and share what I knew.

rf-2nd-ed-front-cover-20For a few years, I did just that, and published my memoir, but I was subtly harassed at my presentations and decided to quit “for awhile.”  It’s now been years that I’ve kept my communications on this subject strictly on the web, never in my social life or anything public in town.  And even in my websites I’ve been coy and not told the whole truth of what I know.

It’s very hard to take a stand against a hostile public worldview – even though I’ve spent a lot of my life confronting wrong social attitudes, such as environmental irresponsibility, social injustice, etc.  This topic has a greater resistance than those; while they can be discussed publicly, “aliens” cannot, even in most alternative media.

So I’ve been resisting doing the work.  I’ve let myself be side-tracked by all sorts of things:  my house and studio renovations, my garden improvements, singing folk music, and promoting my partner’s music, but I’ve been getting messages from my Helpers that they’re impatient with me (in a nice way, of course), and it’s time to get back to my work, to quit shirking, to quit freaking out over these events I think of as mysterious “attacks,” because perhaps they aren’t attacks at all, but simply marks left from extra-dimensional experiences for which I have no memory, but not necessarily negative, and certainly not useful to think of in terms of “attacks.”

Unknown-2The greatest understanding of this came when I read the Introduction to Black Elk Speaks, in which he described ignoring his calling and having “demons” attack him relentlessly.  I suddenly realized that that felt like exactly what I’ve been going through.

And now another year or two has gone by in which I’ve been stalling.

I don’t know more than this, but I’m intending to be open to guidance on what to do next, to be more available, and more active, to tell more truth, to be open again publicly (yikes), and be of service to others who need someone who’s also been there.

So wish me well as I pick up this work again.  Not sure which direction I’ll go, but I’m offering myself again to be of service.


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Plato and the ancient Greeks

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.22.14 PMI never had much respect for the ancient Greeks – but then, history, as taught at my schools, was never my strong suit, and I’d never thought it made sense to bother learning about an ancient people who put so much stock in something my culture called “mythological,” i.e., not real.

Today, I’m reading a bit about ancient Greek culture and finding there’s a lot there of interest, which I expect I’ll write about soon.

Meantime, I came across this teaching of Plato’s, which rather “blows my mind” and delights me with its provocation of “culture.”

Terrence McKenna said it well, excerpted in this short video clip, “Culture is not your friend.”

Keep opening to new ideas, keep learning.  Expanding our consciousness may sometimes include even relearning “the classics.”

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Mind Control and Circumcision

circumcision_banana_foreskin_cuttingRegular readers know I have an extensive interest in all sorts of mind control, including the most subtle – false information – and that which leads to mass obedience.

Today‘s email includes an article about circumcision and the ignorance of American medicine on this subject.  I strongly recommend it.

Circumcision is not only based on false information, but it instiutionalizes birth trauma, which is basic to mind control, causing dissociation and instilling fear from the day a boy is born – useful to a culture that wants to create passivity, obedience and violence when desired.