Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

Sunday Listening Service

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Greetings ~

You are invited to join me this and each and every Sunday morning, bright and early (exact time and location not necessary) in a listening service.

Alone or with others, preferably in a place in Nature, meditate on anything you choose, a problem, a teaching, then try to listen to the wisest voice you might hear.

If you’ve not used to being still, experiment, making the goal to shift your mind to receptivity, listening.

Keep paper and pencil nearby for brief notes if that’s your style.

Seek compassion, and hope.

After an hour, write down anything more you would like to record, and Service is over. Share your insights with others if you choose.

Thanks for being part of the Garden Healing Church

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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