Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

Living in Multiple Dimensions

BrownFestDance09-2839.inline thumbnailTo live right on this Earth:

Celebrate the greatest of human accomplishments and support others in believing we can create even better.

Quit pthumbnail_2_c9aaf3fc_v2retending
 we respect what we don’t.  Say No to lies and manipulations delivered by false education, entertainment, and “news.”  Ignore it.  Go with your gut.  Strengthen your intuition instead.

38467d0d-9967-40a5-b63a-6a8ba2e8b377Shift money and time
 from what doesn’t advance Life, goodness, and beauty…

…toward what will heal us all:  healthy-food.jpghealthy food, pure water, comfortable shelter, natural medicine…

…friendship, community, and spiritual growth.930ffc9d-d02d-4a4d-9a23-47749e30bb89

We live in an ocean of spirit.

pablo amaringo Llullon Llaki Supai.pngWe’ve been told we don’t, so we fail to protect ourselves or connect with extra-dimensional kin.

We forget how to heal ourselves after centuries of pressure to yield that responsibility to men with healing “authority.”

Yeshua told his followers they would “do all these things [healings] and more.”

The God of the Bible gave us every herb on the planet for our healing.

jesus meditatingIt was gardens to which many prophets have gone to pray and receive wisdom for their tribe.

This site supports those who believe the garden – our own garden, a park, or a place in the wild – is first in importance to our spiritual growth and healing.

Membership is free.

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