Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects



san vicente creekLife began in a garden, and human life cannot continue without our gardens and healing plants.

Many spiritual teachers throughout time have experienced – like many of us – important spiritual moments in the garden.

This site supports and encourages individual healing in Nature – for all of us – and particularly those who’ve been made subject to mind control.

This not-for-profit online “church” and site offer a cultural spiritual/religious context for asserting one’s inherent human/legal Right to find one’s own physical, spiritual, and emotional healing in gardens, as well as the Right to choose whether or not to use invasive medical procedures on one’s body or mind, or one’s children’s.

Because mind control is also documented to have often been done in medical settings and by medical doctors, it is especially important that mind control subjects not be forced to accept care from these professionals in these settings, especially against their will and using dangerous and painful pharmaceuticals and procedures that may exacerbate one’s highly-sensitive condition.

This site therefore supports:

* personal healing in Nature, from garden to wilderness.

* defense of all Earth’s ecosystems, particularly undisturbed wild lands in which God’s/Nature’s plants and animals live and co-evolve with us.

* Americans’ right to opt out of the “Affordable Care Act,” as it may not be either affordable or, in many cases, appropriate “care.”

ayahuasca_visions_pabloamaringo* Americans’ “Freedom of Religion” rights to use God’s/Nature’s herbs (as promised in the Bible), those traditionally used and those yet to be discovered, without excluding any targeted by the FDA for control by the pharmaceutical industry, including marijuana.

“The Garden” is

* the Earth, our home ecosystem, our responsibility, and the source of Nature’s/God’s healing and medicines, and

* where prophets have often gone to pray and receive knowledge, where we can do the same for our healing.

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