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Paranoia Attack

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BW_iPad_4.jpgLast night, I felt seriously electronically attacked with almost-disabling, paranoid thoughts about something I’d previously though positive – my new job!

Sitting still, I attended to how my body felt, and recognized a very clear and powerful frequency moving through my body, which I wasn’t ready to say was necessarily me.

So, while I considered the paranoid thoughts might be true and useful information (but might not), I began praying for clarity while dialing up my brain entrainment app for a calming frequency, put in the earbuds, and felt pretty good about my intentions as I lay down to sleep.

After falling asleep at maybe 10:30, I was awoken by powerful heart palpitations, and I remembered that there was a brain entrainment pattern for calming the heart, so I grabbed my phone and turned it on, and of course, the first thing I saw was the time:  11:11.

For over a decade, I’ve bought into the common assumption that the 11 business is some sort of cool synchonicity, but last Friday I heard a woman say No, it’s part of mind control programming.  Who knows?  But the coincidence of being woken from sleep to see that was freakish.

And then I noticed that my heart wasn’t palpitating anymore, so I left it on “Dreamy Sleep” and went back to sleep with no problem.

Any opinions on the meaning of 11?

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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