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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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FREE Sacred Plant Webinar

Hello Friends,

cannabis_the_future_of_medicinePlease join me in listening to this free webinar about the healing potentials of this sacred plant – which should be easily available to us all:

  • one presentation each day for seven days, with each presentation available for 24 hours.

I’ve participated in this sort of educational experience many times in the last years, and find this a very generous offering – always TOP-quality researchers and presenters, which I can attend for free, on my schedule, even while doing other things.

I hope you enjoy this as well.  And please share your thoughts about it in comments below.

I’ll be listening – I hope and assume – from a forest location….  Talk with you soon.

Love and healing to us all ~



Excellent New Documentary on Medical Benefits of Cannabish

Research proving the importance of this plant medicine:

Cannabis movie

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Another bunch of studies on cancer-healing properties of guess-what…

I really did not mean for the site to be all about cannabis’ healing properties, and it’s really not, but here’s another article covering many medical studies – available on government sites – which show cannabis to have properties that reduce and discourage tumor growth:


Thank you for speaking up for ancient – proven – medicine.

The only reason to ignore this is to keep medicine ineffective and expensive.  Apparently some forces think ineffective and expensive is a good thing.  We don’t.  We’re breaking out of our mind control.