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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

Meantime: A Course to Take

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I’ve written quite a few posts to share with you, but then my energy fell so low that I couldn’t bring myself to focus long enough to post them.  When I was well again, I had real-life responsibilities to take care of, like shopping, cleaning, and paying bills, and then I had new things to think about, and the old posts were never reviewed, much less posted.

That cycle repeating accounts for my last few years.

I still am writing new posts to share, but I can’t promise anything, as my energy is so up and down.

Which brings me to this teacher and this course.  I’ve been following Dr. Kelly Brogan for awhile now and respect what I’ve read and seen the last year or two.

So, I’m signing up, hoping to learn that my problems are less controller harassment and targeting and maybe something I can actually heal.  Approaching my situation always as a scientist, willing to reconsider theories as often as new evidence presents, this seems an excellent way to retest theories.

If you want to check out your health issues, you might also want to attend this course.

Usually, you have 24-48 hours to watch each segment, so it’s convenient, and you can listen while doing other things, if you’re busy like me.

AND, there are 3 courses you can watch right away.

Healing to us all ~

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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