Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects



Understanding and healing (from any dis-ease, including mind control) begins with understanding our multi-dimensional reality.

poster by davinci41-d6sahuy

At the foundation of everything:  Humanity’s connection to Spirit has been severely compromised over the centuries and aeons, through genocide, theft and destruction of natural lands and ways of life (industrialization), threats to life, torture, book burnings, economic manipulations – all variations of “mind control” – and much, much more.

Separated from our native spirituality, our innate wisdom has been replaced by creeds and subservience to religious authorities.
On top of these powerfully de-centering manipulations, we’ve been tortured (boys’ circumcisions) and suffered the psychic shock of being removed for hours from our mothers at birth, then mis-educated and mis-informed throughout our lives.

Healing must be addressed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The physical involves good sleep and good food – all of which should be selected as medicine.  The emotional aspects involve our relationship to community.  Mental aspects involve the patterns of our mind.  And the spiritual aspects involve our relationship to the extra-dimensional intelligences.

All these arenas for healing are intertwined and may take years or decades to unravel.  But please do not despair.  This is sacred work, and you (and your spiritual help) are very well equipped to do the work – far more so than a stranger who might give you a few minutes of their time!  So believe and begin!

Some of us have hadmk child extreme measures, like MKULTRA, employed to highjack our minds and cause a whole host of problems.

How best might we fully awaken and heal?  

The psychotherapeutic approach includes intensive, expensive hospital stays, video capturing of split-off personalities eventually introduced to unaware alters, wrenching remembering, and drugs to deal with the psychic shock.  These are generally only available to those with good prognoses and money.  Others try talk therapy and hope for a good psychologist, sometimes shopping around for decades.

My own shamanic self-healing has been happening intuitively, with alters making themselves known when I’ve prepared a good foundation and also happen to have time in my life to deal with the results and recover – and my Spirit Help obviously appreciates this and plans things accordingly!  This approach is available to anyone with time to meditate, pray, and be open, and it can support other healing approaches.

As minister of the online Garden Healing Church, I encourage personal healing in personal spiritual relationship to one’s own spirit guides, which is easiest to accomplish in the environment of Nature – each person’s own private garden or other favorite place in a park or in the wild.

looking downI also offer counsel in the form of posts, so please “follow” this site.

Finally, I also offer a variety of services, found here.


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