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Healing during a Pandemic

I’m not convinced this pandemic is actually caused by a virus.  This NYC doctor relates information that questions the assertion by governments all over the world:

And my personal experience as a mind control subject and now a targeted individual suggests that governments lie to manipulate and control, and look at us:  isolated in our homes – most of us.

Not me.

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 9.05.40 PM

I’m sitting in Nature as often as I can, a nomad now, traveling from low desert in the winter to high mountains in the summer – all within Arizona!  (I think my total mileage this year will be less than 5,000 miles.)  I’m visiting a FEW friends who also doubt The Story, missing many other friends, missing visiting even family.

I have Morgellon’s Disease now – which worries me a bit more than this prescribed panic/pandemic.  Even though I almost never visit doctors, this year I’ve been prompted to visit quite a few in search of a blood test – and NONE want to help me!

Morgellon’s Disease seems to be Lyme Disease with complications – or nano tech, we assume, added by the scientists involved in biowarfare.  I have photos of all sorts of strange items I’ve found growing out of my skin on my YouTube channel, ParadigmSalonVideo;; and Facebook page, MK & TI Awareness and Support.

Of course, I don’t want to take any pharmaceuticals for this – but NONE has been offered to me.  And all my attempts to get a blood test for the spirochetes that are at the center of the disease – spirochetes related to syphilis and called “extremely stubborn.”  They continue to spread all over my body.

I was treating this externally first, since it presents as a skin condition, but after a month or so, I was feeling worse and developing new symptoms:  palsy in my hands, brain fog, and worsening heart issues, so I backed off.  Soon I read that the disease can be forced to go internally and affect the heart, nervous system, and brain, so I quit all external applications and turned to internal anti-microbials:  garlic, ginger, vinegar, Vitamin C, etc., and I quit all sugar.  No maple syrup in coffee.  No wine at night.  No chocolate (except for tiny “cheats”).  All my food is fresh and local or organic, prepared by me.

I have no idea whether I’ll heal myself.  After all, this disease is “stubborn,” and doctors are busy with other things now, and I don’t trust them anyway.  And if I did cure this, or find a way to successfully keep it in check, I’m still a mind control subject, which I don’t believe I’ll ever heal, and this is a really shitty thing to live with.

So I’m just biding my time here on planet Earth, waiting for my spiritual Helpers to give me guidance, which lately has been:  Just observe.  And so I am.

I’ve told everyone I know:  Do not take me to a doctor or hospital under any circumstances.  If I die of this, so be it.   I’ve had a good life, sort of.

I’m going on 68 this summer.  I’ve accomplished things that have helped others.  I’m content.


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Help with Rage

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Music to heal a low mood

Ever since he 1980s, I’ve had one song that can bring me out of a low mood.  Sometimes I listen to it over and over, because that’s what I need, and it always eventually works.

th-1.jpgThis morning I purchased it as an mp3 for my portable music:  Chris Williamson’s “Waterfall.”

It starts out soft and slow, so as not to offend my wounded senses when I’m down, and slowly builds with tempo, joy, and some pretty good ideas.

Once I listened to it over and over again for close to an hour.  Never offended even my grouchiest, most cynical selves.

Maybe you’ll like it too:

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Telling on Others

A letter to friend:

Just wanted to thank you for letting me tell a story I’ve told only to myself and not even on paper (!) until I told you yesterday.  It was a great relief to tell of that experience.

I’m so aware that it’s a violation of the social credo – to tell something shocking about another person – but the event rocked my world, especially those moments when we looked at each other afterward.

Somehow, it seems more real, more able to integrate, to have someone else hear it and not find it impossible or unlikely, but totally understandable, and maybe only a shock and tragedy in the social context, of which I’m a part!

So, I conclude, as I think I did yesterday:  Compassion all around.  No blame to others.  Just realize what I need to realize.  Adapt, and continue to bloom.

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Dealing with Derealization/Depersonalization

pablo amaringo Llullon Llaki SupaiTalking with my new therapist today, I learned the terms depersonalization and derealization – and wondered why and when I’d quit reading self-help books and never followed through with more of it – maybe for the same reason I refused to read books on spirituality for so much of my life:  I didn’t want others’ ideas to influence my perception of reality.

But I guess I became open to others’ opinions again recently, and so I’m seeing someone about my dissociation, and today began learning more of what the professionals think about it.  Funny, because last time I read the professional literature, I found myself critiquing many authors’ methodologies and presumptions, mainly the presumption that there are no forces outside our five senses or that can’t be discovered by inductive reasoning beginning with the limiting “laws” of physics, or rather a reduced, highly conservative version of the laws, excluding quantum physics for no rational, but purely political reasons – discrediting a larger sector of the population.  I had the same experience today – of critiquing professionals’ work – when I briefly read my first two web pages on depersonalization.

Depersonalization is defined by one author as “one of the many symptoms of a panic attack. …a combination of physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts which lead you to feel so disengaged from your surroundings that you wonder whether or not you’re actually in your body. People experiencing this symptom may fear that they’re actually someplace else, watching their body sleepwalk through life while they float around in some kind of spirit world.”

I relate to all of that, though I have fewer episodes of it today and have never experienced it for longer than a minute at a time.  I disagree with the author’s assumption, though, that this is not real; I believe our consciousness can really disengage from our bodies, so this is no delusion.

The author later writes, “However weird it feels, it has nothing to do with “losing control.”

I disagree again.  When, as a young radio journalist, I interviewed a state politician shortly after entering the field, my consciousness went floating up above me in my chair and said things like, “Wow, you’re interviewing [whomever].  I wonder if he can tell how totally flipping out of your gourd you are?  What did I ask?  What is he saying?  How can I ask a follow-up question when I can’t hear what he’s saying, though I see his mouth moving?  When he finishes, I won’t have the faintest idea what to say next.  Can he see my eyes wandering around the room?  Oh, God I can hardly breathe…,” and then I forced myself back into my body to try to finish the interview.  I think he saw something was wrong and carried the ball from there.  Believe me, when your consciousness chooses to leave your body, you do lose control.  Fortunately, I seem to have learned how to keep myself from entering that state in social situations.

The author concluded with decent advice:

“1. Acknowledge and accept the symptom. Remind yourself that it is a source of discomfort, but not danger.

2. Return your attention to the immediate environment, rather than your thoughts of other times and places. Don’t argue with your thoughts, just refocus your attention.

3. Become more actively engaged with the people, activities, and objects immediately around you. Get back into the conversation and activities that the others are involved in. I think you’ll find that the odd feelings lessen as you get more involved in your present surroundings.”

I’d only add a step 3 alternative:  If you don’t want to actively engage with other people right then, don’t.  Leave.  Say polite good-byes if you want, or just duck out, or something in between.  Respect yourself and your immediate needs.  When in a safe place, check in and ask what the panic was about; it’s possible there was a person there whom it would be better for you to avoid, or any other number of reasons, electromagnetic, or anything.  Honor and follow your instincts.  It may be an important part of your healing.  In fact, those who follow the shamanic way depend on sending their consciousness away – to learn things beyond this dimension.

It might not be such a bad thing, maybe our other-worldly wisdom calling us to turn our attention somewhere else.


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Healing vs Computer Energy

Greetings to Everyone following the Garden Healing Church (aka MK Healing Church) ~

I want to acknowledge that I have not posted on this site as I expected I would.

therapyInstead, I’ve realized that my wounded parts (whom I’d prefer keep their writing on instead) are the ones who most like to write; my healthier, happier parts engaged in healing work are not that interested in sitting at the keyboard!

But that leaves me not fulfilling what Good I think I can do given my situation.  I don’t want to only post about my fearful and exasperating experiences; I want to also post about healing.  But when life is going well, I am not interested in sitting in front of the computer.  The computer feels like something to avoid.

10e503bd-f7b6-43c4-a748-71974c54d4e2The result is that I have an online presence that is mostly fearful, irritated, angry, and ready to leave this life.  My “garden presence,” on the other hand, is happy.  But she’s completely uninterested in sitting at the keyboard – unless I tell myself for months that I must create some balance, and then I sit down as I am now and make myself write.

But now that I’m here, I don’t know what to say.  Except maybe this:  the computer, energetically, is not a good place to find healing.  You can find information and, if you’re lucky, hints about coping and healing.  But it’s not, over all, a good place to spend our lives or search for health.  I’m trying to spend less and less time here.

I am also tired of trying to relate to imaginary people around the globe.  I think it’s best for all of us to work, instead, to relate to the real-life people around us in our communities – which is where I hope to spend more of my time and where I hope to offer my knowledge to others – face to face.

imageIf you know me locally, please ask me what I have to share – or specific questions.  If you don’t know me locally, then I hope you will seek out healing connections in your local community.  Connections with people, and with plants, and animals, and stars, and of course your cosmic Helpers.

For these few minutes I can stand to be at this keyboard, that’s the best advice I can give.  Live locally.

And when you do sit down at the computer to search for help (I still do now and then), I hope you’ll find useful items here or on

You can also ask for specific help too, of course, and I’ll do my best to respond.  Peace.

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A Petition to: BAN ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON CIVILIANS  This site – and all the people commenting on it – inspired me to comment too, and I ended up writing a short essay that I like and will share here, with a few photos added:

Bombed car sm

After doing media work for the historic “Judi Bari vs FBI” federal trial, in which the feds were found guilty of most charges related to the assassination attempt on Judi Bari, my lifelong mind control torment has been seriously amped up.

IMG_1725I’ve woken with Taser burns, a burn on the back of my neck – both third-degree with skin burned off – scoop marks, injection bruises, “donut” bruises, lacerations and punctures in my vagina, healed scars including one my doctor thought was a thyroid surgery scar, total exhaustion, and occasionally dealings that seemed to be with aliens (which could be induced hallucinations or real).    

After 13 1/2 years of freaking out and being suicidal about my mind control, I’m beginning to see that it’s not a simple horror – it’s actually everything and everywhere.  And it may not be human.  Everything in nature is under control of many things.  Mind control begins with DNA and the elements like weather, then language and our calendar, then economics, laws, education, government, etc.  And eventually science did to people what it’s done to the Earth – turned everything into a resource.  We are human resources; they’ve been honest in calling us that!  We’ve heard it and shrugged.  Now we’re realizing it’s full implications, and it’s shocking.  One more major trauma in the history of humanity.  (Think back:  much of history is trauma.)

Without hope in the other realms, we on Earth have been reduced to resources, regardless that we’ve been led along with lies about freedom, human rights, etc.  If we only have this Earth life in which to hope, then we must toe Their line or be seriously punished.

[Can we tell them (since they’re spying and listening all the time), “Hey, I change my mind.  I’ll quit whistle blowing [or whatever] and join you”? if we’re willing to sacrifice our beliefs for relief (as it seems others must be doing)?  I don’t know.  I’ve gone to that edge and wondered, but haven’t crossed it.]

Mostly, I believe I have Helpers in other realms who rescue or resuscitate me now and then, though I do have to suffer indignities and pain and loss of will to live and sheer energy to live – way more often than I sometimes think I have the spirit to sustain, but then my Helpers bring me back.  (Or might it be the controllers, keeping me alive for another day? I don’t know. I think I’ll chose the more palatable option, my Helpers.)

It’s a weird life to live.  Good thing I know we have other lifetimes, so I can feel less attached to this one.  It helps to step into the role of Witness.  We are witnesses of an incredible time in human history – from the deepest darkest inside, which few see and fully understand, but we do.  There’s something important in our role, as witnesses regarding human evolution.  It’s incredibly lonely because no one wants to hear, but it’s important.  And one day, maybe on another realm, we’ll help others understand how this came about, so we maybe we can help protect the future.  Don’t know.  Playing with ideas.  Imagining from a higher height….

As far as this world right now, though, I’ve quit believing we can change anything through political action – BUT, I know I could be wrong, so I hedge my bets and support causes like this one that encourage us – but I don’t see the possibility in America anymore.  On the other hand, I KNOW we get help from Other Realms – rarely when we think it’s due, but enough.

And that’s another silver lining:  having lost all hope in this Earth insanity, we are forced to cut our emotional connections to Earth life and look beyond.  Atheists, I know, will hate this, but I do appreciate that this pain does send me into other realms where I believe it is important to connect, and I don’t otherwise, as least not as often as would probably be good fore me, because Earth happenings and all the entertainment is way too entrancing.  It’s almost like our mind control tortures us so badly that we are saved from the mainstream soul-deadening delusions of the masses, slowly boiling like frogs in a pot; whereas, we are the frogs that jumped out of our mesmerized complacency, thanks to the extra-high heat.

rf-2nd-ed-front-cover-20[I write and video blog about my life and struggles on Paradigm, my other sites, and in my book, RattleSnake Fire, called “not only great literature, but an important historical document.”]

Blessings on us all.  Peace, friends.  Please don’t give up too easily.  Remember this world is bigger and more complicated than we can know; and the bully in our life might be about to get whumped by someone bigger.  We don’t know, but we shouldn’t discount it when the stakes are so high – our life.

Also, leaving this life (as many people entertain, including me) may not be an escape, if the other dimensions are extensions of this, as I believe they are.  So it behooves us to develop our extra-dimensional minds, as the only way to see a bigger picture and have a chance.

At the moment, we are in trauma at the hands of the most Powerful people on Earth; therefore our only salvation is beyond this Earth, where we can’t go, or beyond this dimension, which we can.  I conclude: it’s time to develop our extra-dimensional minds.

pablo amaringo Llullon Llaki Supai

I hope this helps someone.  Compassion for all.


No longer a shamanic practitioner

imagesI mean no disrespect to shamanic practitioners, but I have just become aware of how unproductive, and maybe spiritually vulnerable, that attempted practice has been for me.  Yesterday, I stood at my alter, before an overwhelming clutter of totems of various animals that have played a significant role in my life, many totems of some of them, and felt a cacophony of guilt in my head for not being more disciplined about staying in connection with each of them, as is supposedly my responsibility if I want to accept their gifts.  But I have failed in that responsibility again and again.

Yeshiva - (I meant to write, and thought I wrote "Yeshua," but I wrote this interesting derivation!  Wonder where that came from….

Yeshiva – (I meant to write, and thought I wrote “Yeshua,” but I wrote this interesting derivation! Wonder where that came from….

And I had tremendous guilt about not acknowledging Yeshua more, whom I consider my spiritual leader, my tribal chief – but I hate the images of him painted in our culture by obnoxious evangelists and corrupt doctrine-writers, so unlike my image of him as the counter-culture, anti-materialist, love and peace prophet.  And since the foundation of my programming was done in churches with all that other religious iconography and his “name” – JEEZ-suz – being used (American South rendering of the Greek translation of his Hebrew name).  (And I’ll save for later the story of how a “Christian” church helped my abusive husband take my kids from me for two years.)   So my picture of Yeshua has him in a lotus pose, in saffron robes, flowers in a necklace, surrounded by lotus flowers, his heart open, wounded and shining, a crown of thorns on his head, a halo, a hand sign of peace, a gesture to the heart, and a look of calm sincerity.  (It came from a magazine cover, and I’ll appreciate if anyone can help me with the source – I’d like to credit it and the artist.)


I also like this portrait of him. His counsel regarding prayer: “Pray alone.” I like that. Feels most real to me.

So yesterday, I stood before my altar, hands at prayer pose, namaste, feeling very real with him, confused about who I am and how I’m doing, a racket of other voices – or my imagination of them – telling me I’m a bad shamanic practitioner and I can’t keep up any discipline.  Suddenly, I realized I didn’t have to.  Yes, I’d really believed I was strong enough to accept the shamanic initiation invitation, and I’d told myself, “Once the doors are opened, you can’t shut them” – and that’s true – but I had assumed that that meant I had to use those shamanic practices to keep my bearings in that world.  Suddenly I realized that, even though I was invited, and that means the doors have been opened, I don’t have to play by their rules, i.e., shamanism.  Yes, I’ve had many amazing, sublime shamanic experiences, but I don’t feel the need to sit in counsel with animal spirits.  I believe the animal spirits, trees spirits, insect spirits, and all the elementals and devas and intelligences of every sort in this Ocean of Spirit can come to my aid, and they will when called, but I will take my counsel in prayer with Yeshua.  And I realized all those totems were way to much visual noise.  I kept a few things to remind me of special events, but those very few are scattered now around the house.  My eagle feather hangs in a tree, where it probably likes it better.  And Yeshua is uncrowded in the center of my wall.

Oh, my Lord, I can’t tell you what an energy rush that was to remove everything!!  Once I began, it was like an avalanche:  many, many items now sit out in the sunroom awaiting separation into piles of gifts, piles of things to throw away, and things to sell.  (I’m not assuming these things are wrong for someone else, and thereby am recycling them for someone else’s life lessons.)  The clearing in here is palpable!

Last night, we talked about some things I’d thought we’d never be able to face, but we did.  We hardly slept last night,  both racked to our souls, and today we both feel clean and clear and dedicated to love and creative living.  What a relief!

At one point I sobbed, “I feel like I’ve been in a balloon, tossed around in a harrowing storm for 21 years, and I just touched ground safely.

Another image appeared of an abscess lanced, gaping open, being flushed out.  Relief.


March 9, 2016:  I still relate, for the most part, to this blog, though I don’t close the door on the possibility of returning to the practice in a new form.  Not yet.


A New Healing Practice!

I’ll explain the practice in a moment.  But first let me share my journal entry – written just now – about it:

I love this timer and this practice!! I LOVE knowing what I’ve done all day.  I used to have to ask Greg, or struggle to remember, and feel guilty because I was never sure if I was being lazy or not taking care of myself.

This is GREAT!!  

I feel like living, like it’s worth it, and like I’m NOT running to catch up because I’m not sure if I’m working hard enough or getting anything accomplished.  I’m working with more energy, but not pushing myself.  I feel self-possessed, and strong.

What a feeling to know.  

I’ve needed this book for SO LONG!!

What did I do?  I went back to doing what I used to do as a business person – what helped me handle things with quite a bit of skill:  I kept a somewhat complicated datebook of my own design, made to manage exactly what I needed to manage in a manner that took into consideration my particular brain and its quirks.

To develop it, I thought a lot about how my mind works.  (I didn’t know I was multiple then, but I knew I absolutely needed my unique calendar or was lost.)

Since 1993, though, I haven’t wanted to use a datebook of any design unless I had to.  It represented rigidity and someone who might not be open to possibly-blessing serendipities.  So, for the last 21 years, I’ve only used calendars as often as I’ve needed them.

I tried to keep them away from me, as if they’d end the intense spiritual phase of my life which had amplified amazingly when I’d moved to the desert, gotten rid of my calendar, and opened my mind to immediate experiences of sunrises, sunsets, birds, insects, wild animals, weather, light, dark, hunger, food, thirst, water, walking, resting, waking.

While that triggered the most powerful time of my life, very healing, it also triggered some understanding of things very frightening, but important – for understanding simple reality.  It helped me begin a long hard struggle toward healing.

So I didn’t want to return to the calendar-mind.  No way.  I was proud to be oblivious of time.

But I also lost of sense of knowing where I was, what I’d experienced, and what needs to be done.  I’d acted as though vision and inspiration were enough.

(What irony, as the work I’ve always done has been teaming up with visionaries to “put legs on the vision and make it walk.”)

But no one was my manager to put the legs on.   I tried, but without help with self-discipline, I have too many selves to keep things moving in a productive direction.  I’ve been staggering around directionless for a pathetically long time.

A few days ago, after I read about this Full Moon today, I became motivated to prepare myself to catch the wave of this powerful energy.  I thought more about my mind and what help I need.  I decided to design a notebook for a new sort of business:  the business of healing myself.

I – a manager at heart – finally, after 21 years trying and failing to do too much in my head, have designed a system for myself.

First, I made daily check sheets that remind me of all the things that are important for me to do each day, that I want to do, that support this most important thing in my life – my healing – but that I often forget to do, maybe because I’m mind controlled to forget, but in any case, I forget way too often.

They’re simple things:

– Write dreams or first thoughts
– Note the time
– Take supplements
– Eat lots of vegetables
– Eat lots of fruit
– Drink herbal medicine tea
– Track use and reaction to herbal medicine to assure correct dose
– Be aware of physical and emotional energy
– Meditate/self-inquire/pray
– Walk, exercise, or do yoga
– Time in garden
– Summarize highlights of the day before
(and the week on Sunday, the month on the New Moon, and the year on the Winter Solstice)

The check sheets also include places to remember things thought of that day:
– Things to do
– New goals and reiteration of goals
– Day’s accomplishments 

At the top of each page is the date, day of the week, and phase of the moon, which I like to attend to (part of my research).

And one more, most important, item:  Under “Write dreams or first thoughts”: “Set timer.”

Yes.  It’s not crazy-making.  It’s the opposite.

First I chose a lovely chime on my phone.  Every morning now, I set it for 30 minutes, and reset it constantly throughout the day.  (I even did it yesterday when visiting friends.  I kept it in the next room, so I could do my record-keeping discretely when it went off, let others think I was checking on an important call, made my notes, and returned to the group.)

Here’s why it’s important:  The most important thing I need to do, as a multiple, is track my thoughts, remember them, and notice if I have lost time.

Every time I hear the chime, I reset it immediately, notice that I’m aware (or not) of the last half-hour, and write  a word (or more) about what has happened in the last 30 minutes.  Takes less than a minute, but it makes me feel in charge.

It doesn’t feel burdensome because it was my decision.  I was expecting it to be helpful, but it has also given me a major boost in my confidence – and I feel happy every time it chimes because it reminds me that I created this way to cope, and I’m proud.

I even caught a bit of “missing time” on my very first day, and said to the alter who must have been out during the chime, “Wanna talk?  I’m strong enough to listen.  I would love to help and will do anything you need.”  I’m still waiting, but I haven’t had any missing time since then.

And at the end of the first day, I could see all I’d accomplished – exercise, supplements, energy work, good food, everything I wanted – and I felt great.

I’ve also been noting when I use my herbal medicine, so I can keep perfectly disciplined about how much I use, how often, and notice any corresponding reactions.  Any course correction I want to make is informed by clear memory.

(Why did no therapist ever suggest this??)

So, that’s the routine.  Every thirty minutes, the chime reminds me to breathe, relax, remember what I’ve been doing for 30 minutes, and record it.  I re-set the time, write what I’ve done for the last 30 minutes (sometimes a single word), how I feel, and anything else I want.

How the notebook is organized with a journal:

The current daily check sheet is right on top – best place – when I open the notebook, with previous daily check sheets behind.  Each day, a new one goes on top.

Behind those pages is a divider followed by my journal pages.  Since I write many pages a day, I refill it frequently with thirty or more blanks at a time.  To easily find the current page, I have a sticky-note attached to the back of the page before it, hanging out like a tab, so I can easily grab it and turn all the used pages at once.

Since I needed a way to record my thoughts, but also want to be able to look separately at dreams, accomplishments, and meditation/prayer, apart from my stream-of-consciousness journaling, I created a template that lets me record everything chronologically, but lets me see easily which category things fall into.

I hand-drew the template page (hand-drawing feels better, less rigid).  The pages, copied from the template, are filled mostly with lines for writing, with a space at the top for the page number – to keep this record of my life in careful order, hopefully with fewer and fewer missing gaps.

On the left are columns for noting date, day of week, phase of moon, and category of writing (A = Accomplishments, D = Dreams, J = Journal, M = Meditation/Self-Inquiry/Prayer.)

On the right is a column for the time I begin and end any passage, and I also record the time at the beginning and end of each page.  Right of that is a column for “notes” to point out things I don’t want missed.

If I am so into my writing when I begin or end a new page that I forget to note the time and don’t realize it until I am not sure of it, I write “oops” – to not reinforce the word forget – but to cheerfully encourage myself to do it next time.

So that’s the full Practice:  Daily check sheet of everything I want to do.  Daily summary of accomplishments and goals for the next day.  I’m reminded to breathe and relax every 30 minutes.  I feel in control of my life, in a very positive endeavor, which is showing results already.  The minutes it takes is not a hassle, but a joy.

I’ll soon sew a cloth cover for this notebook, with pockets for pens, phone, and paper things that make me happy, right now a collection of birthday cards given me a couple of months ago.  It’s good to be reminded every day that there are people who love us.  No reason not to carry those things around!

It’s my compensation package – what I need to compensate for my fractured mind – designed perfectly for me.  It makes me feel like I’ve given myself back to myself.

Extras:  A section for “scribbles” – I use when my mind is going too fast (or too many alters want to talk at once), where I can quickly jot brief notes to write about when the current subject is complete.  Art pages (and maybe a pocket for potential collage items for those art pages).  And even a page for my current best “talk to myself” for when I don’t feel like meditating!

Whenever I might take on a big project with multiple steps, I’ll add a section for planning pages that can be consulted or added to, perhaps in public, without searching through personal stuff.

And as soon as I figure out some other quirk of my mind, for which I need compensatory help, I’ll design a solution.

When the notebook is filled, I’ll remove all the pages at once, drop them in a file, and begin again.

I will post on how this continues.

Hope it’s helpful to someone out there.