Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

Herbal Healing

turmeric teaUse of food, herbs and natural supplements is constantly threatened by the pharmaceutical industry.
e5b10cb0-6730-4085-9e28-965017bf9043Meanwhile, Americans are being forced to buy into, with mandatory insurance, the Western allopathic model of medicine, which, while it excels in emergency care and testing, is documented to be one of the major causes of death and disease in America.

Unknown-1While legalization of marijuana seems to be slowly expanding, our rights to other forms of natural healing remain threatened by regressive FDA controls.

mk childThose most at risk of pharmaceutical and other medical dangers are mind control subjects
, as we may have been programmed in those hospitals or by those doctors, and/or may still be at risk for additional programming or other punishment inside.  Participating in allopathic medicine, with payments and otherwise, is not recommended for anyone, much less this population.

11206117_10203777536958897_6287839653939866119_nOne way to exercise our right to “opt out” of this otherwise-mandatory program is by asserting our spiritual/religious convictions – which is the reason the Garden Healing Church was created.


Chinese herbs

Besides opting out of what we don’t want, we also need to assert our absolute right to use our intuition regarding plant medicines, including cannabis and all other herbs on this planet.

Rejecting what we don’t want, and asserting our right to what has been promised us – by no less than God – seems a simple issue; politically, however, these rights are under attack on three main fronts:  1) demands we pay for Allopathic insurance, 2) FDA obstacles to free use of any food or herb, and 3) the War on “Drugs” especially targeting cannabis.

Church membership supports your rights on all these fronts, and possibly more.

Membership is free.

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