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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

“Everything is Stories”

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EIS-LOGO_FINAL.pngEverything is Stories is the name of an excellent podcast that often helps me put a useful frame on the world, and so it’s one of my most-listened to podcasts.

(If you don’t have the podcast habit and want to try it, just click below next time you’re going to clean or putter around the house.)

This was good to hear today, reminding me of basic things, but the stories before and after spoke to me powerfully also, for different reasons.  If this one’s not to your taste, there are many other people’s stories told, all wonderful, here:

May your media times sometimes facilitate healing.


PS:  Coincidentally, in Everything is Stories, the host’s tagline is “which is nothing else, but all we have” (the last words spoken in deep, meaningful tones).  It’s also exactly what’s credited to Spider Woman – “Stories – they’re all we have” – in the dedication preceding Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony – which I quoted in my last radio feature, “Spooks,” about my experiences as an activist confronting the FBI.

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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