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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

Declaration re Mind Control Reparations

page1-220px-ProjectMKULTRA_Senate_Report.pdfA draft:

Whereas the United States government, as testified to by the Director of the CIA, sponsored or co-sponsored mind control experiments on tens of thousands of unwitting citizens and non-citizens, adults and children, between the 1940s and 1970s at least,

And whereas mind control subjection is a violation of fundamental human rights and causes dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, and other related mental health problems including depression, amnesia, paranoia, and more, all of which can result in a lifetime of functional disabilities and/or suicide,

And whereas researchers agree that most subjects (who do not die or become entirely mentally incapacitated) are likely used for the duration of their lives as experimental subjects, couriers, sex objects, spies, assassins, soldiers, and more,

And whereas the Director of the CIA has testified that all case files have been destroyed so that no subjects can have their subjection confirmed,

And whereas the United States government has neither acknowledged nor compensated any subjects for their unwilling “service” to their nation which led to their mental health problems and disabilities or death,

And whereas the United Nations has declared the right of individuals to be free from such mind control,

Be it resolved that any person with reasonable evidence of mind control subjection shall be acknowledged and apologized to by the United States government and compensated by the United States government for their lifetime of subjection.  This compensation shall be sufficient to support themselves in reasonable comfort and to access appropriate mental and other health care as they shall deem in their best interests.

One thought on “Declaration re Mind Control Reparations

  1. I was directed here by mutual friend Terry Ploekleman in Mimbres and I am so interested in what you are doing with your gardens and also the above article. I hope to make your acquaintance soon as I am in the beginning stages of creating something similar.

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