Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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FREE Sacred Plant Webinar

Hello Friends,

cannabis_the_future_of_medicinePlease join me in listening to this free webinar about the healing potentials of this sacred plant – which should be easily available to us all:

  • one presentation each day for seven days, with each presentation available for 24 hours.

I’ve participated in this sort of educational experience many times in the last years, and find this a very generous offering – always TOP-quality researchers and presenters, which I can attend for free, on my schedule, even while doing other things.

I hope you enjoy this as well.  And please share your thoughts about it in comments below.

I’ll be listening – I hope and assume – from a forest location….  Talk with you soon.

Love and healing to us all ~


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“The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” – great (free) video

culture-high1Last week, I wrote about the video, “Culture High” – a wonderful online view!  I thought it was free, but it actually cost $4.99.  Still, we were totally impressed and learned more than we expected to.

513JbnGZ2QLNow, we discover that an earlier video by the same folks IS free:  “The Union:  The Business Behind Getting High.”  An “official selection in 33 international film festivals,” and winner in a few, it explains the marijuana business and laws that don’t accomplish any purported goal of protecting us from pot – but it does cost taxpayers and it does put lots of people of color behind bars.  I saw only this one glaring omission in this video, and that was its ignoring this terrible fact:  the racism of enforcement, which the video barely alluded to but didn’t speak.  Still:  highly recommended!