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Calendar for Self-Discovery, Self-Care and Healing

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images-1Twenty-one years ago, I decided it would be healthier for me to let go of my hard-driving calendar – the one that helped make me a high-achieving “SuperMom,” according to a major daily Tucson newspaper.  I’d suddenly become not super at all, but disabled, in crisis, unable to cope with the world.

rock creek houseQuitting my intense use of my calendar – as well as moving to the country – helped me be more intuitive, take more time for relaxing, watch more stars, clouds and birds, and let my mind drift into new ways of thinking.

That was fine 21 years ago, but I probably didn’t need to stick to that idea so tightly all these decades!  (Though I occasionally used my calendar intensely when a job demanded it.)

Finally, after 21 years of frustration, of not getting as much done as I’ve thought I should, I decided to create a schedule for myself – not just of work I had to do and errands to run, but of things that are truly important to me.  And I’m astounded at my sense of accomplishment!

I’ve begun sleeping better now that I know that I will go to my bed by 9 pm, and give myself an hour to read or write in my journal or meditate, drinking camomile tea.  I sleep from 10 til almost 6, then give myself another hour to either lie in bed and think about my dreams, or journal, or read more.  At 7, I get up and walk a mile (20 minutes), then sit in the garden with turmeric tea, enjoying the company of the plant life, until 8.  (All these times can sometimes be off by an hour, but that’s okay too.)

The main part of each day of the week, I’ve chosen to take a different focus.  Monday is for time in Nature, either out in the wild or in my own garden; Tuesdays I get to “work” with arts and crafts – which I sell; Wednesdays I sew, also to sell; Thursdays I write my blogs and articles for publication; Fridays I take care of other business like bill-paying and managing my online sites where I sell things; Saturdays are social; Sundays are for reflection.

I encourage you, if you hate your calendar, to try out something like this:  Don’t just include the expectations the world has of you, but the expectations you have for yourself!

On another site last year, I wrote about calendars as part of our cultural mind control.  This is an important practice to reclaim our time, our lives.

Happy healing.  Many blessings.

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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