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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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“The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” – great (free) video

culture-high1Last week, I wrote about the video, “Culture High” – a wonderful online view!  I thought it was free, but it actually cost $4.99.  Still, we were totally impressed and learned more than we expected to.

513JbnGZ2QLNow, we discover that an earlier video by the same folks IS free:  “The Union:  The Business Behind Getting High.”  An “official selection in 33 international film festivals,” and winner in a few, it explains the marijuana business and laws that don’t accomplish any purported goal of protecting us from pot – but it does cost taxpayers and it does put lots of people of color behind bars.  I saw only this one glaring omission in this video, and that was its ignoring this terrible fact:  the racism of enforcement, which the video barely alluded to but didn’t speak.  Still:  highly recommended!