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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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The Joy of Weeding!

weed bouquet smI don’t usually like to weed, but this morning was fun – and I learned a lot!

Greg started, and guilt brought me out.

The weeds between the street and our fence had grown up fast as usual, looked pretty for a while, but now were in that weedy seedy stage – time to go.

In recent years, I’ve become absolutely aware that the Findhorn people are right:  intelligence lives in the plants just as surely as intelligence lives in us.  

They’ve been called fairies, elementals, and more (along with gnomes, sylphs, etc. that live in the air above them and the earth below them, always in communication with each other – of course – that’s how the world works), and they are most often very indignant about the way humans bumble around in our gardens or wild areas, and they stay hidden.

I also learned that fairies hate it when their plant is cut down while in flower – as that’s where they live.

So now when I remove any weed that’s still in flower, I put it in a vase.  Simple.  They abide the disruption if we respect them, as when we appreciate them in a vase.

Even the utility area can be beautified with flowers!

Even the utility wall can be beautified with flowers!

The work was more fun with this added bit of creativity.

As I weeded, I thought about humanity, disrupting the Earth’s harmony in so many ways that most of us are oblivious to for most of our lives.

Such disrespect!  So many intelligences made so resentful of us.

And I felt that my mind control is but a microcosm of this macrocosm of ignorance and disrespect.  I’m just one more being used for someone’s purpose, disrespected as an individual they can’t see, just like all the intelligence of nature that we’ve been trained doesn’t exist and so we’ve ignored it and trampled it for most of our lives.

As I respect the intelligence of these flowers, and admire their beauty, I feel supported and strengthened by the intelligence of the Earth.  And I support myself:  I give myself bouquets!