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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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Powerful Full Moon to You ~

clouds-full-moonI hope this Full Moon day is a good one for you!  It has the potential to be a powerful one.

First, let’s talk about this Full Moon and what it means for us all, and in the next post I’ll share what’s come about for me in the last few days – nothing short of feeling born anew.

A few days ago, I pulled an astrological chart for the day from a site that offers the free service.  I summarized it with these keywords and phrases:

high sensitivity, high standards, strong feelings, caution, service, self-pride, self-expression, expanding consciousness, social change, and working together.  

Most important was strong feelings, which has four planets producing the effect!  Strong feelings times four!

I set aside the day  in my calendar – plus the days before and after – with the words “Stay Home” filling the spaces.

And I began wrestling with a bit more determination some of my more pressing “reality questions” and healing problems.  I wrote them down.  I addressed them more consistently in my meditation and prayers.  I listened and looked for clues.  (Sometimes clear answers were just there and obvious.)

It’s possible I have been struggling with no answers for so long because of some fault of my own, or perhaps the mind control was just very strong, and everything has its time.  In any case, this week I began to get answers.  I’ll post them soon in another blog.

Meantime, if you can and you haven’t done it already, set aside the as much time as you can for the rest of the day and tomorrow, and see what you can sense with these energies of high sensitivity.  Set your standards high.  Be ready for strong feelings (turn off the phone, give yourself quiet, treat yourself very well).  Exercise appropriate caution.  While you open yourself to service, remember to have self-pride, and express yourself.  Expect to expand your consciousness.  Know you are part of social change, and we’re all in it together.

Powerful day to you, full of blessings ~