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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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They Lie: a meditation on humans and predation, capitalism, ancient history, and hope for the future


(This represents my most pessimistic thoughts I have now and then, which I turn around to find a sliver of hope in all this craziness.  Perhaps you feel the same sometimes?)

They lie.  Constantly.

We live with the lies, and pretend.

But wait.  That’s not as outrageous as it sounds.

That’s the way of all Nature.  Predators and prey continually “lie” to each other.  Mother birds feign a broken wing as they pretend to struggle, to draw a predator away from their nests before flying to safety.  Both predators and prey pretend to be other than what they are:  shadows, sticks, rocks, a poisonous bug.

Bankers pretend to be our friends.  We pretend to be richer or poorer than we are.  We pretend to be happy, love our work, and like everyone we see.  We lie.

They lie.

Are we all like predators and prey?  Yes.

images-7But how far do we take this?  What about those bankers?  What about those people controlling and poisoning the water, poisoning the air, forcing “terminator genes” into food genetics, cutting down the rainforest as fast as they can, locking up record numbers of citizens into work prisons, torturing, letting the infrastructure of our nation (and others’) deteriorate, manufacturing enough bombs to destroy the world many times over, poisoning the soil, even poisoning the aquifers with fracked waste liquids, and all the other destruction and efforts toward total control we witness?

It’s as if there were a liquidation operation in progress on Earth.  Like… “Earth First!  We’ll mine Venus next” isn’t a joke.

Like the Annunaki (“people who came from above”) – the Sumerian gods who created us to work in their mines – have given orders to extract the last of what they can get on the planet and assure no humans will survive for long here after they pull out.  Doesn’t it look like that?

The Sumerian history and Biblical history both tell of gods (or God) who wanted to do away with humans, which they were so tired of trying to control.  (Read the stories of the Flood.)  Both Jehovah and the Sumerian brother, Enlil, begrudgingly allowed the few humans to survive, but only under the terms that the God/god would shorten the lives of humans, giving them less time to develop wisdom to pass on to succeeding generations.  A crude form of mind control – by people from the stars.

Seems like a similar story is playing out now, only the gods are using malnutrition, mal-education, drugs, and entertainment to make us docile.  It’s possible they’ve also decided we’ve had a long enough reprieve, we’re still too troublesome, and so it’s time to finish up the Earth/human project.  Sometimes it seems like the only explanation for the insanity of destroying the environment and controlling and poisoning the food and water sources, and compromising every one of our basic survival needs:  air, water, food, soil, community, not to mention human intelligence.  Sometimes I just can’t see it any other way.

So what will come of us?

jan20113-300x226On this plane, I sometimes feel I must yield.  I’m 62.  And I’m not really interested in surviving under the predicted conditions.  I’m far more interested in the other dimensions I visit in altered states, and the family there I’ve felt part of since I was a child.

And I don’t really mourn, any more, what seems to be the liquidation of Earth and ending of human life as we know it (even predicted directly to me by some mysterious force I’ve described on, but don’t want to believe).

For years, or decades, I’ve fought to turn the tide, and occasionally mourned it, but I think I’m over it now.  So much destruction – witnessed and fought for and lost – eventually sinks in.

GaiaJosephineWallDespite the best efforts of peace activists, community gardeners, Permaculture designers, and other conscious and good-hearted people, I think it’s right that this capitalist effort hits the compost heap.  Humans deserve better, and I think we’ve all learned our lesson.

But all’s not lost!  Conscious people can take their good efforts now to the next level – maybe another dimension of this Earth?  That’s a hopeful thought.

OR, maybe all the global problems we’re so aware of, with statistics that have been looming over us, threatening for years to grow to catastrophic levels that seem absolutely impossible to repair – but maybe it’s not impossible, but only looks that way because of reporting.

Sure, there are flammable water taps, and record levels of acidity in the ocean, and growing numbers of children and adults on psychopharmaceutical drugs and brain-numbing chemical food, and… and… and…, but maybe there are also other aspects to the problems we’re unaware of, like extra-dimensional help quietly working in the background.  Sound crazy?  Well, they’re doing something here, and it doesn’t seem to be obviously hurting us yet, so maybe they’re helping??

Lest this seem like silly wishful thinking, let me remind certain readers that UFOs have been documented interfering with nuclear rocket launches (yes, they have!) and have even been seen entering threatening volcanos and apparently quieting them down.  (Not to say that all “aliens” are on our side, but at least some seem to be.  I fully believe there’s more to the UFO/alien story than any of us can know.  And, rather than assuming it’s all good or all to our detriment, or all meaningless, perhaps we can take hope that some of it is working for our survival.)

thumbnail_2_c9aaf3fc_v2And then there are the unexpectedly catalyzed movements of people suddenly springing up to challenge oppression where there’s never been opposition before!  Yeah!

Back to the horrors:  Capitalism, to my mind, should have been predicted from the very start to bring us horrors like mind control, sex slave industries, child sex slave industries, snuff films, and all the other horrors that wealthy psychopaths are willing to pay for.  Capitalism rewarded them and, organized in crime, nothing could control them, because money was made the un-challengeable bottom line, the driving force that nothing could control.  Nice theory, guys.  (Perfect example of language and perverse logic overriding the heart.)

Money-ism (Capitalism).  One day we’ll wonder that we could ever say that word without a grimace or shame.

It deserves to fall, needs to fall, and seems about to fall.  If the rulers are not engineering the great collapse, I believe it’ll crash of its own inflated overreach – or if they’re clever, they might pull out of here just before it does, and I’m sure they believe they’re clever and will try.

TV watchersMeantime, all I can do is witness and try to help others suffering with the thing I understand the best – mind control.

And pray my family on other dimensions helps me cross to another dimension where things are not as insane as they are here.

Or, maybe the Earth may one day become that place.  It seems a far more difficult task than a few conscious humans can deal with now, but I suspect we do have help in high places.

Now, some would assert that the predatory liars are necessary to our human (prey) evolution.  As prey, we will only evolve if we can raise our awareness and outwit their sly maneuvers.  That’s a challenge to rise to, isn’t it?

It’s an amazing time to be alive on Earth, as whistleblower to lies, worker against the lies, and witness as the lies are exposed, and our amazing planetary, human race story unfolds – with us as the main players.

Here we are! – at “the end of the world,” it often seems.  What role shall we play?