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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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Moon Week Calendar – Mind Healing?

Almanac with celtic cross envisioned by Jean, drawn by Asante Riverwind

Hey Ya’ll,

I should have reminded you sooner, but I’ve been pushing myself with too much, and this one nearly slipped by:



I’ve written in the past about the Gregorian Calendar being a fundamental part of our mind control, separating us from nature, as well as instilling the imbalance of 5-2, 5-2, 5-2 (weighted heavily to work and against freedom), into our psyches.  The moon used to encourage a much slower flowing of energies:  14/15…14/15…14/15…14/15.  Slower, and with pulsing balance.

Back in 2003, I published my first Almanac Datebook Journal, which got awesome responses from around the country, even though I only sold it in southern Arizona.  And I sold them out for two years running.  And people said they wanted to make local versions in their state, and I said Great!  And others asked when I was going to produce the next one or told me I had to take it national.  I wanted to keep it local – and I didn’t have the energy to produce another one till ten years later!

Jean & AlmanacAll four I’ve actually thrown together in a month or two, knowing every time I should have started sooner – so there is plenty of room for design improvements.

And recently I’ve realized:  Of course!  It should be a collective effort!

But I’m a hermit.  And I get overwhelmed by too much input too easily.  So my brain didn’t go there.  (There’s already a lot going on in this brain of mine.)

So I realized I should put it out to the community and see if anyone wants to help polish the design and produce the next one.  I look forward to hearing from you if you do.

Almanac with celtic cross envisioned by Jean, drawn by Asante Riverwind

Second:  Last year’s calendar included a template and instructions for producing perpetual calendars!  So no one has to do any designing except for their very own!  Maybe if a number of women and men make their own and then contemplate improvements throughout the year, we can put together a really nice product next year!

As soon as I can, I’ll upload the perpetual calendar pages and instructions to the Almanac site.  Just drag the pages to your desktop, and print!

Even if you have another calendar already.  It could be healing, or at least interesting, to work with both and see how we feel.


(I should have written about this a month or two ago!  I’m bummed I’ve been taking on too much at times.

(I’m addressing that now, and I wrote about in my last blog on



Oh, yeah, some might wonder why we need anything other than We’Moon.  I like We’Moon a lot, but I want to see and feel my moon weeks before my eyes, rather than have them wrap around the stable Gregorian weeks.  So my Almanacs have the Gregorian weeks wrap around the stable moon weeks, and each two-page spread works its way toward the next moon phase – new, waxing half, full, or waning half.   It’s very satisfying.  I also need more space for notes – I’ve used the calendar for notes on gardening, native harvesting, astronomy,  people’s history, local events, addresses and phone numbers, movies people tell me I should see, music I should hear, so I designed it to be half journaling pages.  Finally, because it’s simple black and white, it can be produced very easily, ecologically, and economically in a few formats:  large, small, spiral bound, notebook style, etc.  ;}

Also, I only realized as I was almost ready to print that there is no reason to exclude male artists, so I added “and men” up above.  I’ve just been sensitized about this recently, as I wrote about in an essay I’ll post soon on, “Friday Foundation:  On violence, past lives, womb wounds, and what it means.”

The most important part of these Almanacs is seeing the cycles of your life in a frame of the cycles of the moon.  It feels just… so… good.

Blessed day and night to you ~