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Excellent Free Seminars on Natural Health, Sexuality, and More

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Hi Friends,

The last few months, I’ve been indulging in some free seminars on natural health – even though I thought I was pretty hip to natural healing.

GMI_Logo_smallMost of these free seminars came through – which I strongly encourage everyone to join, as good health affects not just our bodies, but our minds, emotions, and spirit.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.00.35 PMI just now signed up for the Healthy Gut Summit – entirely free – in which I expect to learn a lot about how the health of our digestive system can impact many other aspects of our health, including, I expect, the arthritis and inflammatory conditions that have been plaguing me.

(I know, I eat my probiotics, but still, something is going on with me which I need to learn about, and I rarely trust doctors to know more than pharmaceutical responses.)

Sexual Healing

AJG-Banner001Last night, I also “attended” an online video seminar on sexuality and sexual healing by Amy Jo Goddard that was wonderful, inspiring, and also contained a pitch for a 20-some hour video training series on human sexuality with the focus on women – which has a price tag that first made me gasp and dismiss it as a possibility (as someone living on very modest Social Security).

I changed my mind when I thought about how important this is for me:  Not only have I spent this amount of money on as few as 4 counseling sessions in the past, but I also have heart issues, and cardiac problems are strongly correlated with sexual problems – which mind control subjection has embedded in me.  So I decided to get over the cost and just do it!

If you think sexual healing might be for you, the price is going up after midnight tonight, so check it out immediately!  (

Author: Jean Eisenhower

Author, artist, activist, manager, educator.

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