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Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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Health Care Directive

Perhaps something like this might work for others too.  
Feel free to copy and share.

This document is to direct

my medical care

in the event I

am unable to speak

 for myself.

I, Jean Ann Eisenhower, being of sound mind, hereby assert that God and I myself are my primary healers, along with food, herbs, prayer, and angelic help.

The American medical establishment has wounded me horrendously and repeatedly throughout my life, as a subject of childhood and probably ongoing mind control experimentation, so that my objection to their care is not simply philosophical, but is based on personal experience.  Therefore, I state with force my wish to have all persons who might have anything to do with my healthcare decisions to act so that I will not be further made vulnerable to suffer at their hands.

In the event I am ever unable to speak for myself and need medical care, I ask all involved to consult as many of my friends as are possible to select some number of herbalists and shamans as they think appropriate to oversee my care.

If an “establishment” medical professional is deemed necessary, his or her care must be in my home or the home of a friend or even outdoors, but never inside any hospital or AMA- or ADA-affiliated clinic, unless I am awake and of sound mind and able to state this clearly.  If it is deemed that I will die if I don’t enter a hospital or AMA- or ADA-affiliated clinic, then I choose to die.

I request painkilling medicines, which may be provided at my home or otherwise outside a hospital or clinic.

These wishes are not to be circumvented by anyone without it being understood by all that:

1) my hospitalization should be considered a kidnapping with probable other crimes associated,

2) I should be rescued, and

3) those responsible should be arrested and investigated for torture.

Sworn by all things holy,

Jean Ann Eisenhower

April 27, 2014

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Inspirations flow at the new Garden Fountain ~

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 4.27.59 PMOur new (multi-purpose) fountain uses an old fountain of the Virgen de Guadalupe for which the pump had died. (We now feed it water from a small water line from the hose bib.)

Here’s a 1-minute video, which might soothe and/or inspire you:

(We used concrete to create a stone waterfall from the fountain into a small hand-crafted pool, which flows down a side channel into an old pottery basin in the chicken coop, which overflows out of the coop and into the apricot tree basin!  We run it only when we’re out there, and allow the apricot tree to “dry out” a few days a week.)

I got lots of ideas for this website yesterday evening, sitting by the fountain!

On the mundane side, I realized how I need to edit more and focus on just a few ideas on the main pages.  So you might want to revisit my “Home” and “Doctrine” pages if you looked at them before.  (Though everything has been reworked at least somewhat.)

I also added a bit to my “Spiritual History” about how this “coming out” as a minister is healing part of my fracture!

Beyond that, I realized some sermons I’m very excited to write (even though I’ve never written a sermon in my life!):
~ The “Heaven Stream,” a flow of energy in which our spirits are nourished and our highest aspirations are supported (hint:  it comes with Gratitude)
~ The Dimensional Split, an event predicted by holographic universe theory which supports a feeling/theory I’ve long had that the vibrational disharmony on this planet may not be resolved with either planetary destruction or global understanding, but by the vibrational differences separating themselves, like oil and water, into different dimensions, resulting in something like the Rapture (though it may involve people not expected) or what the Hopi prophesies describe to their children as “the bad people will just be gone”
~ The “Apocalypse” as the time of seeing, recognition, truth
~ and there are more on a note around here somewhere… !

I appreciate hearing from you ~

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Energized to Speak So Much Truth!

“I’ve been waiting for something to happen
For a week or a month or a year
With the blood in the ink of the headlines
And the sound of the crowd in my ear.”

— Jackson Browne, Lives in the Balance

(Greg and I have been singing that endlessly the last few days.)

Last week I wrote a blog on, titled “New Starting Point.”  I’d finally realized I’d written for too long the way I’d been taught as a radio journalist:  simple, 6th grade level for the average American – and finally realized that it wasn’t working, at least for “this stuff.”  I couldn’t get in “the people’s” shoes and still take my leaps.

I decided to quit writing from anyone’s vantage but my own.  I’d write only from my own, real, only partly-journalist self – the one who’s been drifting between dimensions all of my life, trying to act normal, and finding it quite a struggle.

In my 30s, as a single mom, I used to win awards and recognitions regularly, but I’ve not been very productive for the last two decades (though I’ve been trying to be useful and I think I’ve been).  I haven’t been too bothered; I’ve known something’s brewing, and soon everything’s going to change.  (I think we’ve begun.)

Since January I’ve been having two weeks at a stretch every month when I can hardly function, and Greg has to do most of the work and bring in the income.  I’ve been apologizing, but we’ve both felt that something good was coming out of all the extra sleep.

And suddenly last Full Moon, something got me out of bed, and I wrote for hours, suddenly understanding quite clearly the work I’m supposed to do, which brings together everything in perfect harmony that I have ever done in my life, but in a totally surprising way – to me.

I need to articulate what I see in the world, and what I see is a moment of history in which people wake up and speak their truth.

The urgency of this moment requires our bodies, minds, and souls; and it’s our bodies, minds, and souls that will experience the benefit.

The involvement of our souls is what makes it right that this conversation be in a church.

Now, that’s the part that daunted me, that has held me back for over a decade when this sort of idea first seemed like “crazy stuff” that would’t go away.  The idea had a sort of reality to it, so I was ordained, but then mostly forgot about it.  Besides, I thought, I have nothing to tell anyone, as I’m still fighting these things called demons.

Unknown-2Then a few months ago, Greg read to me the introduction of Black Elk Speaks, about how he had had visions like me for all his life too and was tormented by demons until he finally accepted his calling.

His description of the struggle stunned me, as he could have been describing my last decade-plus.  With astonishment, I told Greg, and God, that I would accept this calling and act when I understood it.

A few weeks went by, and the concept felt certain, but I saw no details, no practical first steps, so I didn’t think about it, other than that it was interesting, more “out there” than I like to be, and I wondered if my Spirit Help would actually convince me to do anything.

Suddenly, as I said, on the night of this last Full Moon, I got up and, not having had any ideas before, suddenly “saw it” and drafted almost everything  I needed to define this church and ministry here on this website.  And I’ve been polishing and expanding it for four days straight, and I’m totally energized by speaking this much truth!

So that’s how it’s come about, Friends.  I never wanted to take on this role, but now that I’ve written all this (including my own spiritual history – nice to not hold it secret any longer), it feels very comfortable and right.

I have a short list of upcoming sermons I’m looking forward to writing.

So please check out this website, MK Garden Healing, and if the Spirit moves you, become a member and subscribe.