Garden Healing Church

Grateful for Healing in Nature – for all of us mind control subjects

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Help with Rage

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Two Videos I Recommend

If you are healing from any intense form of mind control, these might be of interest to you:

This first video is an interview with my friend, Niara Isley, which whom I have similar experiences.  She does an excellent job explaining it all:

Niara's video.png

And this next is an interview with Elisa E. another very good presenter, who also has experiences similar to mine, only I haven’t had deep deprogramming, and so haven’t had the depth of memory that she’s had.

I’m not familiar with some of the more esoteric and occult things she has experienced – at least I’m not familiar consciously – and so cannot personally vouch for them, but there’s still a deep resonance.

For all our healing.

elisa e's video.png

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healing fireI don’t plan to do this.  It usually comes over me when I’m in a meditative state and stand, still.  If I’m real relaxed, my body tells me what it wants most to do, and I give it permission, usually with a slow stretch that takes me over, rather than me doing it, turns into a stretch that gives me visions of a bright horizon and make my body feel totally integrated, both sides equally perceived, equally there, in balance, front and back, shining, and it morphs into another stretch in some other manner that opens my lungs and compels the next ecstatic stretch, each lasting a perfect span of time that brings joy and then relaxes into quiet bliss for a moment until the next cells call out to act together, and with each event I see the energy meridians flow brightly, as though they had been cut off, and now are full like flowing, glowing rivers.  Eventually my body is whole and happy, and my mind feels clear.  And I know I am blessed.

I’m going to make it a habit to say more of my prayers standing, relaxing, making way for energetic rejuvenation and blessing healing to come more often.

Blessings on all of us   ~

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Another Excellent Overview Recording

This “video” is for subjects of MKULTRA-type mind control who feel they need some gaps filled in in their understanding of this situation.

It’s actually an audio recording with text and photos as visuals – something to listen to while, perhaps, doing some other task – if you’re a busy person like me.

Very worthwhile overview!  Thank you, Fiona.  And thank you, Follower, who wrote with this link.

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CBD a Schedule 1 drug?


“We cannot trust the mainstream media to bring this to people’s attention either- this is a call to action!

“On January 13th, 2017 the millions of sick people and children who rely on CBD oil for everyday living, will have to continue to be healthy as felons and risk arrest and incarceration.”

Here’s the link:

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Honorable Depression

Depression is normal and can lead to healing, it’s very common, and is unfortunately stigmatized.

It’s also unfortunate that little distinction is made about the circumstances of a depression; a powerful emotional response may be entirely warranted.

Depression is normal, and I’m sorry our culture stigmatizes it, robbing us of a simple natural healing in slowing down and letting the body-mind take a break, but no, we’re supposed to fight this emotional state and be continuously productive, so this depression is our enemy, and if we struggle with it, we must keep it secret. I think it’s a cultural lie and we should fight it, and this conversation is a step. Cool. And then, next time you’re depressed, embrace it. Try to do as little as possible, but allow yourself to follow healthy inspirations, like art, writing, or anything that feels healthy, therapeutic, and fun. Pamper yourself and know that you’re giving your mind and body a break.

A wise and cynical friend once said, “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.” Depression is anger thwarted. He had pride in his depression, as a sign of his awareness.  I would rather we just recognize there should be no shame in it.  Hiding it may lengthen its duration.

A corollary: Those not depressed are not aware, so their opinions can be dismissed and maybe they can be derided.  (I was once called a bliss-head by my cynical friend.)   I think he sometimes verges on that sin of dismissing those who for some reason aren’t depressed.  I would suggest: Those not depressed might know something I don’t know, so I withhold letting the emotion cascade, because I could be wrong, I could be missing something.

And then I remember: I know more.  I just forget it.  I’ve seen amazing unfolding, miraculous coincidences, dramatic plot excitements, serendipities – basically angels interceding, or people working magic, or someone or something.  That’s why, even when things are going bad for me personally, and our culture seems on the verge of a major Something (political theater), I remember: you’re seeing a multi-dimensional mind-controlled world with a three-dimensional mind-controlled brain, and there’s a good chance you’re not seeing everything, and you should have some humility about your certainty that you see everything just exactly the way it is. The world could be a whole lot more complicated than the theater they let us see, and there could be more players, and the drama may be entirely different from what they’re telling us. We know they love playing our emotions. So I don’t want to give it to them. Just in case Archons are really behind this all, creating drama to suck our energy, I don’t want to give it to them. I will conserve my energy for things in front of me, my home, my friends, my community. “More shall be revealed.” Let’s take care of ourselves, and not give too much to our depression.


Excellent New Video on MKULTRA

There is so much healing in bringing secrets into the light.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 10.19.59 PM.png

Well-written, well-delivered, with powerful visuals, without hyperbole or excess drama, documented, historical, contemporary, comprehensive in scope, covering efficiently all that can be covered in an hour, and covering it fairly, as far as I can say, as one who is a subject.

Total Mind Control, a new documentary, by Jay Myers

I’m so gratified to see the secret drama of my life brought into the light.  So gratified.

Please watch and share.


It’s the time of the Revealing….